Mehr wie Fragen kann man doch nicht, oder?

hello creativ-team,

please let me ask:
can the girl wear this fashion:
– high heels
– shiny – wetlook leggings (which color do you have?)

a nice smiling
sitting on sofa and say
“mhh, i don’t forget”
then you look to your arm and there is written “
“so i surf every day to shantal dot org – i is so much fun”

thats it

What do you think – a short video ?

Best regards,

Soweit die freundliche Anfrage. Nach erfreulich kurzer Zeit, die Rückantwort:

Hello! Yes, of course, with pleasure. I can do it

Na prima, dann können wir ja starten, nur vorsichtshalber noch einmal nachgefragt:


Hello – thanks for fast answer – and you have the requirement fashion? yes?


yes, of corse.

Aber nun kommt es ganz ganz dicke!!


Can it be a flowery fringed dress? Or do you prefer leggings?


hello – please read the requirments – now i must ask 3rd times – do you have
– high heels
– shiny – wetlook leggings – and what color

Can it be a flowery fringed dress? NO – please read my starting post –



High heels, yes.
Leggins in black, white and animal print


ok – fine – and the black leggings are shiny / wetlook ? so we can start?



if not – i will not order


No, I’m sorry, they’re not bright, but the heels I can wear if they’re shiny

Also wie dumm muss man sein, ginojg jedenfalls sehr dümmlich! Eine absolute Lese- und Konzentrationsschwäche !!

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